Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Florence Part 2: Cinque Terre

...in which I hiked 2 miles through mountains in a dress and flats. (Also, I coordinated my outfit to match the town.)

This city is called Vernazza! It is part of a string of five towns known collectively as Cinque Terre. This picture was taken on the way from Vernazza to Monterosso, the town "next door."


As I said, it is a hobby of mine to match my outfit to my destination. I found this dress (it is my very favorite dress in the world!) at Pop's Resale and Vintage in Lexington, Kentucky. I don't know where I got the hat, but the belt and hat flower are from Forever 21, the earrings are from H&M, and the necklace is from the leather market in Florence. As you can see from the awkward boob-shot on the right, the front part of the bodice has been pleated so that only the light pink stripes show up. How cool, right?
This cool bridge was about midway through our hike. Isn't it beauteous?!

Bye sherbet rainbow city!!

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